Article Written by Retired Lt. Marc Woods

Keeping an eye on your neighbor’s houses. Crime is down, and Kudos to the Lake Ida Citizen’s Observers Patrol. (“COPS”). They put in a lot of hours patrolling, and you residents have been alert to what goes on there. It certainly pays off, as you can see with the dramatic reduction in daytime burglaries.


  • Calling the Police when you see someone who is “not right”. 561-243-7800 (Get clothing or car description!)
  • Keeping an eye on your neighbor’s house when they are working or out of town. Share your plans, too.
  • Walking and riding your bike in the neighborhood. It helps, it’s good for your legs, and bring your cell phone.
  • Keeping a note pad and pen in your car. It’s easier to write stuff down than tryingto remember tags, etc.
  • Setting your alarm, even for short trips. Someone may see you leaving.
  • Locking all the doors and sliders! On the Spring days, we sometimes forget to lock them.
  • Don’t Stop being a nosy neighbor. .. Nosy neighbors call in the BEST arrests for burglary in Lake Ida !!

Don’t relax just because crime is down in Lake Ida. Criminals will come back, and you want them to pick a place besides Lake Ida to do their thing. Police Patrols, Observer Patrols, people walking & neighbors looking around…it all pays off with fewer crimes.
And finally, please don’t be afraid to call the Police to check someone out. It is good for the Officer to respond and drive around Lake Ida an extra time. The Officers are good to meet, and it helps put priority on Lake Ida Patrols.

Be safe, and I miss you all,
Lt. Marc Woods, Ret.

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