COPS Program

Have you noticed the COPS cars driving around the neighborhood?

They are volunteers from Lake Ida neighborhood, giving their time to help keep the neighborhood safer. Like additional eyes and ears serving to spot anything unusual. With their quick “johny on the spot” phone call to the Delray Beach Police Department, Lake Ida is protected. One less act of crime happening in our beautiful neighborhood and all Thankfully due to their donation of time.

We could use more volunteers. Could you please help?

This is all it takes:

  • 2 Hours Per Week
  • Approval and Training by the City of Delray Beach
  • Your availability of time
  • Any two hour block (24/7 schedules) – help fill those slots
  • One monthly meeting at the City of Delray Police Department

If you would like to be part of the COPS program or want to learn more
just clink here and a member of the neighborhood COPS team will call or email you back… right away…. like “johny on the spot” way!!

COPS Program

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