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Need a babysitter or roof repairs or a CPA? How about using one of your neighbors?

We are a community of 750 homes. Just about any trade or profession can be found right in our own neighborhood.

Sean Tilly ( Age 12 )

Babysitting Services for potty trained children.
$5 per hour
Cell 561 716-6334

Todd M. Wilson

Todd M. Wilson, PA Remax Services I have been a neighborhood resident and realtor for 10 years. I love Lake Ida and it shows. For full service, attention to detail, and a free market analysis give me a call. Remax Services Cell Phone(561) 436-4467 click here to send an email

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Marc D Thompson

Personal Training
- LIVE One-on-On Personal Training to Anywhere in the World (with internet)
- LIVE Virtual Duets, trios and classes
- Personal Training - Rehabilitation - Cardio - Yoga -Spinning - Flexibility - Nutrition - Lifestyle Changes - Bamboo Flex

Sophia Thompson Pet sitting

Will pet sit any animal, mostly cats and dogs.
Able to visit you home either once or twice a day
Supervised by my father

Marc D Thompson,

Want to extend your family tree? Adoption?
Need proof of Native American heritage?
At a dead end? Gift for family member? Seeking proof of immigration?

I can help with those and numerous other research adventures.

Babysitting Referrals are Free to the babysitter
Business Referrals – $25 for the year (May to May), prorations for partial year remaining will apply.
Any resident wishing to advertise on this website must be a member of the association.

(Please note: the LIPOA has not checked out nor will assume any responsibility for the reliability and qualifications of these advertisers)

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