The Purpose and History of Lake Ida Property Owners’ Association

The business and purpose of this HOA shall be to enhance the community by maintaining property values, neighborhood standards, protecting our community from crime and acting to make changes or deny changes that would enhance or jeopardize the collective interests of the members. The board will undertake any activities whether political, charitable or otherwise considered to directly or indirectly assist in maintaining the objectives herein stated.

David Henninger spearheaded the formation of the Lake Ida Property Owners Association in 1988. David and other residents were concerned initially with a growing petty crime problem such as car break-ins. The Association was formed to deal with this problem and then grew to include other issues such as beautification, house of the month, etc.

The Current Board of Directors is:

Lainie Lewis, PresidentEmail Lainie
Todd Wilson, Vice PresidentEmail Todd
McKenzie Montazemi, SecretaryEmail McKenzie
Dominic Montazemi,TreasurerEmail Dominic
Lourie AlbaneseEmail Lourie
Joann PeartEmail Joann
Karyn PremockEmail Karyn
Sam ShannonEmail Sam

The founding board of Directors was:

David Henninger, President
Samuel DeOto, Vice President
Angeline Anderson, Secretary
JoAnn Peart,Treasurer
Connie Ebert
Bonnie Brow
Tom Honker

Some of the accomplishments through the years have been:

  • Helping neighbors get to know each other through adult social meet and greet parties. This includes family picnics and the family Fourth of July parade. Along with the comfort of knowing your neighbors also comes the security of watching out for each other and working together
  • Producing some very special childrens events, such as Fourth of July children and family parade, the Easter Egg Hunt and Christmas get together.
  • Working with the Police Department to minimize crime and enhance the safety of our neighborhood
  • Started Citizens Observer Patrol
  • Working with the City to replace the old wall with a strong new wall between Enfield and Lake Ida Road
  • Working with the City on code enforcement issues
  • Working with the County to add new and larger trees to the west side of Lake Ida to help block the sounds and sight of I-95
  • Working with the City and County and Mr. Cornell to put the dog park on the west side of the Lake and then give the land on N.W. 9th Street to the City for a passive Cornell Park in our neighborhood
  • Working with the City to develop Design Guidelines for the neighborhood
  • Working with the City to update laws that would affect Sober House issues
  • Awarding House of the Month to homes that are improved or beautifully kept
  • Keep an ongoing communication with the commissioners and city staff to deal with any problems that come up in Lake Ida
  • Keep ongoing e-mail communication with the residents for crime alerts, lost pets and other items of interest
  • Launching a brand new Web site, which will include a business directory so Lake Ida neighbors can support and advertise neighborhood businesses and occupations

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